Help needed for our ODE - SUNDAY 13th JUNE 2021

 Dressage Writers   x 3  ‘AM’ x 4 ‘PM’
 Dressage Stewards  x 3 ‘AM’ x 4 ‘PM’
 Dressage Score Collector x 1 ‘AM’ x 1 ‘PM
 SJ Arena Party  x 3 ‘AM’ x 3 ‘PM’
 SJ Steward   x 1 ‘AM’ x 1 ‘PM’
 XC Fence Judges  x 18 ‘AM’ x 18 ‘PM’
 Refreshment Wagon x 1 ‘AM’ x 1 ‘PM’ must drive!

SATURDAY MORNING FROM 10am set up…….as many as possible!

If you are competing…….and can help the opposite end of the day you do not have to pay your start fee.  Times can be sorted to assist. Open to members or non members.

Please contact Michelle Wilkinson 07769675432 or with your role preference.
Junior members welcome as helpers if you have a group and want to be together let me know