2022 Members Awards

Alexander CupKatherine MorrisHighest Placed Senior at NationalsPresented at AGM 2023
Lavender SalverEmily HamiltonHighest Placed Junior at NationalsPresented at AGM 2023
Copperfield TrophyRachel WebbMost Successful Member at Showing ShowPresented at AGM 2023
Carole Wood Memorial TrophyCancelledHighest Placed Member, Open Class Hunter TrialPresented at AGM 2023
Davies Memorial TrophyCaroline ExleyMost Successful Member Rider Award in All DisciplinesPresented at AGM 2023
Donald Kear SalverFiona FrenchHighest Placed Member, One-Day-EventPresented at AGM 2023
Drumlin TrophyEsther PittMost Successful Member Rider Award in Dressage SeriesPresented at AGM 2023
Grace Kear Memorial TrophyTeresa LavenderFor her many years hard work as the Members SecretaryPresented at AGM 2023
LRG Photography TrophyOllie O'ReillyMost Successful Member Rider Award in Jumping (SJ and XC)Presented at AGM 2023
Warrender GobletEmily HamiltonMost successful junior member in all discilpinesPresented at AGM 2023
Killick TrophyAlison GloverHighest placed member at the Eventers ChallengePresented at AGM 2023
HDRC Gold CupSusannah GivonsFor always being happy to help at eventsPresented at AGM 2023

Gifts were also given to the following members as a thank you for their help - 

Sharon Smallridge and Nessa Jamieson - for their help scoring at the horse trials

Phia Head - she has helped all day on many occasions


2022 Members Dressage League

Points are awarded throughout the year as follows: in all competitions, riders are given 6 points for a 1st place, 5 points for a 2nd place, 4 points for a 3rd place, etc, down to 1 point for a 6th place