Carol Venner - former Chairman & President


When I wrote the obituary notice last year in memory of HDRC former Chairman and President Carol Venner, I mentioned the retirement gift presented to her by the Club in 1989, in appreciation of her many years of service and organising Open Shows. On behalf of the Club I purchased this framed woodland scene water colour titled “Morning Ride” from an art shop in Horsham as it reminded me so much of the tracks we regularly rode in St Leonards Forest. I am delighted to say I have now been generously gifted this lovely picture by Carol’s daughter Katharine (Tass) Richardson, herself a very active committee member during the 1980’s before her marriage.

Carol and husband Michael, Katharine and husband Alan, all moved to Wiltshire. So, after 32 years, this lovely picture has ‘come home’. I will treasure it as it brings back happy memories of a long & lasting friendship. Poignantly, on the back, is the card written by Helen Davies in 1989: "To Carol, to thank you for the magnitude of work you have done for the Shows and the Riding Club”. I’m sure Helen would approve.

Daphne Poupart
HDRC President 1997-2017