Membership Fees for 2023

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At the beginning of November we received this letter from BRC informing us of a price increase to the fees we have to pay them per member. Although the clubs finances are in good health we cannot absorb this much and will have to increase the fees for 2023. We are also going to restructure them doing away with a ‘family membership’ and replacing it with separate senior, junior and non-riding membership.

We hope that you agree your membership is still good value for money with reduced entry fees, subsidized training and free entry to the qualifiers and championships. Your committee works hard to put these events on for you and are open to suggestions for other things that would be of interest.

Membership Fees for 2023 - 

Senior Riding - £30

Junior Riding - £25

Non-riding - £20


British Riding Clubs 2023 Fees

Dear Club,

I am writing to let you know the changes to the BRC fees for 2023. 

2022 has been a fantastic celebration, now that we are all able to get out and about and enjoy our horses again. It was our first full calendar of competition since 2019.  As a result of member feedback we held the inaugural Introductory Championships, giving an opportunity to those members who may have never attended a BRC championship before. We have also extended our Christmas Cracker competition to give every member that wanted to enter the chance to take part. We are excited for further new developments in 2023.

Unfortunately, 2022 has also been a difficult year for everyone economically and BRC is no exception. Costs have risen across the board, exponentially in some cases. Examples of this include insurance premiums, competition costs and fuel costs to name a few. In order to meet the increased costs and remain viable we have had to raise both the affiliation fee and the per head membership figure. 

The affiliation fee simply covers the club’s insurance premium. This covers the club and its volunteers to run as many riding club organised activities as they wish throughout the year. The fee for 2023 will be £210 for large clubs and £180 for small clubs. This figure holds no profit for BRC and is used directly to cover club insurance. Despite the small increase, this fee is excellent value considering there is no limit to the number of activities you can run, or the numbers you can have in attendance. 

The per head figure membership fee goes towards the running of BRC, including but not limited to, staff costs, training for clubs and members, training for BRC officials, digital membership card, production, Rider magazine and importantly, insurance. A BRC member has public liability insurance while they are taking part in any riding club organised activity. The per head figure for 2023 will be £20. We are still confident that £20 represents great value for 12 months membership to the organisation. 

We understand that any rise in fees during this challenging time may cause some concern, please rest assured we have not taken this decision lightly. We want to be sure we are in a position to see out the current economic situation and that BRC remains viable for the future. 

BRC and the BHS remain committed to supporting participation. This is highlighted in the continuation of the area training grant and also the 2022 area travel grant. 2023 will be no exception and details of support available to clubs will be available soon.