Date: 9th November 2016

This was our first time holding our Open Show jumping at Brendon Stud, Pyecombe. We were very lucky with the weather which was sunny if a little cold!


The day was well organized by Ruth Starey, Ken Steer and all the helpers with Chris Watts designing the course despite having a broken arm.


Class 1, 60cm

Rider Horse Score
1 Mia Rodriquez Diva 1st
2 Emily Banfield Darcy 2nd
3 Holly Bishop Peppermint Cream 3rd
4 Tarrie Wood Tetley Tim 4th
5 Graeme Burton Puzzles Good Time 5th
6 Millie Robin Poppy 6th

Class 2, 70cm

Rider Horse Score
1 Amelia Southon Chantilly Lace 1st
2 Katie Ruben Pepsi Cola 2nd
3 Scarlett Chatterton-Sim Popkins 3rd
4 Maddie Petts Mildred Van Orchid 4th
5 Jenna Coulter Musical Carousel 5th
6 Camilla Mulholland (Best member) So Solomon 6th
7 Ann Black Sporting Billy 7th
8 Ellie Gordon Pepsi Max

Class 3, 80cm

Rider Horse Score
1 Amelia Southon Chantilly Lace 1st
2 Emily Barrell No Ones Fool 2nd
3 Katie Ruben Pepsi Cola 3rd
4 Tabitha Whistler Finigan 4th
5 Olivia Nolan Cool As A Breeze 5th
6 Ella Heron (Best member) Roscrib Cleata 6ht
7 Georgina Dunlavey (HDRC member) Fletcher 7th
8 Katy Holmes Princess Olympic 8th

Class 4

Rider Horse Score
1 Georgina Knight (Best member) The Gent 1st
2 Rebecca Lovenberry Captain Corlea 2nd
3 Lucy Creighton Rebel 3rd
4 Ella Heron (HDRC member) Roscrib Cleatta 4th
5 Graeme Burton Chaplins Disco Dancer 5th
6 Lindsay Dumper (HDRC member) Glenwarren Faldo 6th