Area 13 Ri-Dry Intermediate Winter Dressage Qualifier 2023

It was a really good day for Horsham's dressage diva's at the Ri-Dry Clothing Intermediate Dressage Qualifier at Sands Farm. The Championship has moved to a new venue this year and is being held at Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex, Rugby, CV23 8AJ on 22nd - 23rd April.


The first up for our team was George Browne riding Cameron in the Prelim 18. He was very lit up and initially didn't want to go into the arena but after lots of snorting settled down to do a super test and came 2nd with an excellent score of 69.23%.

Rebecca Sherwood was next riding her super coblet, Sorcerers Decision in the Novice 28. They had a convincing win with a score of 72.08%!

Sarah Gibbs rode her handsome ROR horse Henrys Air in the Novice 30. Sarah managed to ride a lovely test despite only having a 10 minute warm up after getting to Sands Farm and realising she'd forgotten her riding hat! Luckily she keeps Henry only 10 miles from Sands Farm so Caroline rushed back to the yard to collect it for her. They finished 2nd on a score of 67.12%

The last rider in our team was Beckii Davies on another ROR horse Storm of Choice in the Elementary 42. Their test was a little tense and they finished 4th with a score of 64.22%.

The team finished on a total score of 5 which was equal to Mid-Sussex. This meant that all 4 tests for the team had to count and Horsham had a total of 9 to win! Well done


Sarah Gibbs on Henrys Air was also competing as an individual in the Elementary 42 and despite a couple of minor errors still finished 2nd on 66.25%

Beckii Davies rode Storm of Choice in the Medium 63 but he was still rather tense which was reflected in the score.

The last individual was Susannah Givons on her super chestnut mare Baroness riding in the Advanced Medium 90 which they won with a score of 66.83%


Well done to everyone that took part and good luck at the Championships. 

Thank you to Teresa Lavender our dressage team manager for organising.