Date: 15th August 2012

Jack Aston 2012

HDRC Horse Trials Championship 3-5 August 2012 Aston le Walls Northamptonshire

Area 13 was represented by two Horsham teams. The Intermediate and Open teams had a great time, a mix of old hands and newbies, all super stars and a credit to the club. An early arrival on the Thursday afternoon meant a superb spot in lorry park with Lorna’s gazebo erected to provide a focus for all the teams. Next door was a team from Aberdeen, their journey had taken 10 hours, other accents heard in the stable block and lorry park made it very apparent it was the National Championships

Although generally held as 'long format' three day event, that is, including roads and tracks and steeplechase, the weather and ground conditions had forced the abandonment of these other phases on the cross country day. To some competitors this was seen as disappointment as much time had been spent improving their horse fitness, some felt there was more chance of a good cross country result after the adrenaline rush of the steeplechase, others felt it was a relief not to put their horse at risk of injury.
After the first Trot up the dressage started, everyone did well although Lorna's judge was difficult to please, both teams lying about 5th, out of 23 Intermediate and 11 Open teams.
Saturday was a day of sunshine and showers, the cross country went pretty well for both teams, with good going. Aston has a commentators box on a mound providing a good viewing point to watch and cheer, at one point 'Go Horsham' was heard over the tannoy as the commentators box door was open. Luckily this didn't prove too distracting to the passing rider.

The last day involved lots of scrubbing and plaiting in time for the trot up, all passed and looked magnificent. However the rain was pretty heavy at times, (every rider must have been soaked to the skin at least once) and the warm up for the showjumping had become very muddy, all the horses looked as if they had been lying in it when their turn came to jump.
Sadly neither Puff Daddy nor Ark Weld jumped on the Sunday, both had been non runners until a couple of days before, Puff having an iffy leg and Bertie hadn’t been going well until Emma Roche’s husband did some last minute magic farriery.

The Open team finished 5th and the Intermediate team 12th, Helen had a 6th for her ‘arena’ on Disco, a fab weekend and I'm sure HDRC is proud of the both teams performance.
A big Thank You to all the family and friends that supported the teams, Sara's Mum was a fine steward on behalf of the HDRC, (and her Dad does mucking out....awesome!)
Note for next year - take more wine glasses, some supporters were reduced to drinking from the bottle!




Intermediate Team

Rider Horse Score
1 Sara Ingleson Morse 34.8,0,8
2 Katherine Morris Puff Daddy 30.5,32.4,w/d
3 Helen Millichamp Disco Dancer 28.1,2.4,4
4 Lorna Tullett Star Of Shannon 41,3.2,8

Open Team

Rider Horse Score
1 Ruth Starey Clever Jack 36.2,5.2,4
2 Penny Taneborne Meikle Cantle Lucky Lady 37.6,36.8,0
3 Jo Bovis Ridge Farm Isla 36.2,13.6,12
4 Helen Millichamp Ark Weld 29.5,24,w/d