Date: 30th June 2013

A massive WELL DONE to all our competitiors at the Qualifiers today, and what a beautiful day we had!

Everyone turned out beautifully, rode wonderful tests, and got the results to show!


Elise Gayler            Hotspurs Last Tango    P18 (Indiv)                 65.42%     1st



Elise Gayler           Hotspurs Last Tango     Prelim DTM (LSE)     81.11%     1st

Charlote Exley       Copperfield Iris               Prelim DTM (LSE)     76.11%      3rd

Jenny Hickman      Billwood Tom Putt         Prelim DTM (LSE)     78.88%      2nd

Marilyn Turner        Copperfield Skipper      Prelim DTM (LSE)     75%            4th

Debbie Stonard     Charlie                             Prelim DTM (LSE)     61.66%      6th


Joanna Moyers      Ratzputz                           Novice DTM (BRC)    76.11%      2nd


Vicky Allen               Razzle Dazzle                  Novice DTM (LSE)    78.61%     1st


So, lots to look forward to at the championships, and next week we have dressage teams competing at Rackham, please come along and support us if you can!