Intermediate Championship 2022

All our riders had a great time at the BRC Intermediate Championships at Bury Farm.


The dressage divas, especially Katherine Morris did really well. Katherine was nearly late for her Novice test after getting stuck in traffic on the M25 but made it in the nick of time to get a really good score of 70.48% to come 2nd and then went on to even better in the Elementary to win on a great score of 71.4%.

Vicky Allan on her super horse Eau Noire also did really well to come 4th in their Novice class on a score of 69.05%.

Caroline Exley and Copperfield Iris were in the Medium and only their second ever Advanced Medium. Their scores weren't great at 62.58% for the medium and 60.58% for the Advanced Medium but just managed to get a place of 9th and 10th in each class.

The last dressage rider was Katy Bryant riding Maxine Gayler's horse Dougal in the Prelim class. Although they did a lovely test with a score of 65% they were out of the rosettes.


Our 2 show jumpers were Olivia Allan and Olivia O'Reilly.

Unfortunately Olivia O'Reilly had to withdraw 110cm class after getting in lots of practise with her horse Kiltrons Love Story Romeo for him to go lame a few days before. Her young horse Tommy's Cruise did an amazing job taking Romeo's place in the 100cm class getting just 2 down in the first round and 1 in the second. Olivia and Suri were back in action again on the Saturday in the 90cm class with just 1 down in the first round but by the second round was getting tired and had a few down.

Olivia Allan was in the 110cm class on her horse Viscount Voltaire who did incredibly well with a clear in their first round and a couple down in the second to come 14th overall.