Date: 21st October 2012

This is the last of the annual Riding Club Championships for 2012 and Horsham’s sole representative was one of our juniors -  Elise Gayler and her lovely young chestnut Freddie Hotspur.

Elise had chosen the music, which was a medley of upbeat reggae tunes, and designed the freestyle floor plan herself, to include the prelim compulsory movements and some imaginative extras, including 5 m loops and serpentines. All their recent training with fellow HDRC member Mel Breen paid off as they confidently danced round the arena to their jolly music, scoring many 7’s and 8’s and even a 9 for their stretch in trot ! Final total, a brilliant 69.44% which could so easily have been a winning 70.5% had they completed their 20m circle in canter rather than do a transition to trot slightly too early to keep in time to the change in their music, resulting in a 5. – Blame firmly lies with Auntie Max who told her to change whenever the music changes !

But still a great result coming 2nd in their first Riding Club Championships and flying the flag for Horsham.