Date: 24th September 2017

Had a lovely (if busy!) day at Munstead with the Horsham teams for the L&SE Championships. Horsham put forward -


Two Horse Trial Teams – The Horsham Hooligans; Siobhan White, Helena Dunlavey, Teresa Lavender & Sara Holden, and The Horsham Horrors; Caroline Exley, Jackie Oxley, Kate Van der Mark & Suzie Wells

One Show Jumping team – Lauren Smith, Natalie Keightley, Wendy White & Elise Gayler, 

One Dressage Team – Jenny Hickman, Elle Whitmore, Jackie Oxley & Mary Davis and

Two Riding Test Teams – Team 1; as per the Dressage team and Team 2; Elise Gayler, Suzie Wells, Kate Van der Mark & Sara Holden.

As expected everyone was beautifully turned out and all performed really well being a real credit to the club. In the Horse Trials The Horrors came 2nd with Caroline coming ind. 3rd and Suzie 5th and The Hooligans came 4th with Teresa coming 4th and Helena 5th. A really fantastic result. The Show Jumping team were 6th with Elise coming 5th and Lauren 6th. Riding Test Team 1 were 8th with Elle coming 5th and Mary 8th and although Team 2 was unplaced Elise came 4th. The Dressage team were unplaced but Elle came 5th and Jackie 8th. So another good day for Horsham with lots of rosettes.

I would like to thank all the riders for representing the club so well – I hope you all enjoyed the day. A special thank you to everyone who came along to help – Carol Porter and Debbie Scott-Down who spent their day jump judging and Sam York who came along to help Suzie which freed me up to manage the teams. Also thank you to Gina Summers, a non-HDRC member, who responded to a fb appeal for helpers and came from Staines with her daughter to jump judge. To top of it all – the sun shone on us all day!

Ros Wells