NAF Five Star National Championships 2022

Copperfield Iris

Copperfield Iris

Caroline Exley and Copperfield Iris were the only members to go to Lincoln this year, riding in the Style Jumping at 85cm and the show jumping at 80cm. 


It was a long drive up there on Friday taking 5 hours due to the usual heavy traffic on the M25. Iris couldn't believe her luck when she got out of the trailer though as there was lush green grass everywhere unlike the bare fields at home. The temporary stables are also on grass so she settled in quickly.


We weren't jumping in the Style class until midday. Iris jumped a lovely clear round and marks are awarded to balance, harmony, position as well as clearing the jumps. Sadly we didn't make it into the rosettes but still a fairly good 13th place out of 50 starters.


It was then another long wait till the first round of the 80cm at 4pm where once again Iris jumped a good clear round. Our final round was at 5pm but we were both starting to feel tired by then and Iris took a dislike to the combination so sadly we were eliminated.


Although I didn't come home with a rosette I still really enjoyed the weekend, luckily the sun shone all day and I had a lovely evening with Julie Lee and Anneli Salmon on Friday.