Open Dressage April 2023

Thankfully the rain held off and the sun came out for the clubs dressage competition today at Belmoredean. Entries were good and this was the first competition for 2023 for members to star collecting points for the ‘2023 Members Dressage League’.


The judge for the morning was Deborah Winchester. A big thank you to Beckii Davies and her mother for stewarding and writing followed by Liv Nolan and her mother. Helping me in the gallery serving refreshments and collecting dressage sheets was Valerie Durkan. A great team which made the competition run really smoothly.


Class 1Intro B Judge/s    
TimeRiderHorseSectionScoreCollectives%Section PlacingOverall Placing
 Kirsty WithersHank The Tank IVSenior1476363.91 1st
 Hannah MacfarlaneMacdougalSenior142.56216.96 2nd
 Sarah SawyerSurfmanSenior139.56060.65 3rd
 Becky HiggsBenSeniorW/D    
 Esther PittRegal Rock (Felix)JuniorW/D    
Class 2Prelim 7 Judge/s    
TimeRiderHorseSectionScoreCollectives%Section PlacingOverall Placing
 Vicky AllanRazmatazSenior1536969.35 1st
 Marcus GormanClassictop PlayboySenior152.57369.32 2nd
 Millie WithersHank The Tank IVSenior145.56866.14 3rd
 Lucy ClarkColandro BrambleSenior1376562.27 4th
 Sarah SawyerSurfmanSenior132.55960.23 5th
 Linda SlaterTimmySenior1326260 6th
 Hannah MacfarlaneMacdougalSenior1316359.55  
 Ruby RadfordBillyJunior1376262.271st 
 Esther PittRegal Rock (Felix)JuniorW/D    
 Grace PerksMidnight MalinaJunior    W/D
Class 3Prelim 14 Judge/s    
TimeRiderHorseSectionScoreCollectives%Section PlacingOverall Placing
 Suzanne HoldenRenkum MinstrelSenior1817269.62 1st
 Gill PiperEdwardSenior170.56565.58 2nd
 Jenny MintoMurray MintoSenior164.56363.27 3rd
 David WareStanleySenior163.56462.88 4th
 Clare GuyTo-Be D.DSenior163.56362.88 5th
Class 4Novice 28 Judge/s    
TimeRiderHorseSectionScoreCollectives%Section PlacingOverall Placing
 Maxine GaylerDougalSenior1665569.17 1st
 Jane CliffBreezeSenior163.55568.13 2nd
 Gill PiperEdwardSenior152.55163.54 3rd
 Clare GuyTo-Be D.DSenior1475061.25 4th
 Georgina BrowneJust CameronSeniorW/D    
 Katrina EllisGismo W/D    
Class 5Novice 30 Judge/s    
TimeRiderHorseSectionScoreCollectives%Section PlacingOverall Placing
 Katrina EllisGismo W/D    
 Jennie MedlockBric a Brac 1855871.15 1st
 Laura DurkanTilly 183.55770.58 2nd
 Rosalind HeadWilliam Wildstar 1805769.23 3rd
 Teresa LavenderHighland Leopard 1805769.23 4th
 Maxine GaylerDougal 1765567.69 5th
 Jane CliffBreeze 1715365.77 6th
Class 6Ele 44 Judge/s    
TimeRiderHorseSectionScoreCollectives%Section PlacingOverall Placing
 Jennie MedlockBric a brac 1735769.2 1st
 Laura DurkanTilly 172.55769 2nd
 Elly BielskiCorky 1645365.6 3rd
 Rosalind HeadWilliam Wildstar 1615364.4 4th
 Paula HinksBay Charlie 1555062 5th
 Jenny NolanKinard Frankie 1004658.4 6th