Open Dressage May 2023


Finally the sun decided to put in an appearance for our dressage competition at Belmoredean.

Thank you to all the riders that came to the dressage competition today and for leaving the lorry park tidy! 

A massive thank you to Susannah Givons for stewarding from 8.45am - 2pm, thank goodness the sun was shining. Thanks also to Sam Llewellyn and Catherine Rose for writing. Finally many thanks to Tiffany Tasney who judged 40 tests.

Class 1Intro B      
 Becky HiggsBen1556767.391st 
 Emily FitzpatrickEFS Another Contender1556667.392nd 
 Emma HouseDaisy1546466.963rd 
 Kirsty WithersHank The Tank IV1536566.524th 
 Jane JenningsBallyclough Bobby1516465.655th= 
 Jane AndersonBelle Fleur1516465.655th= 
 Yvonne RiggsMarco Blue149.565657th 
 Jess Mcintosh HobdenWexford HH Dimond Lad1436462.17 1st
Class 2Prelim 7      
 Hannah CarringtonVinnie Van Gogh156.56971.141st 
 Caroline BurtonChaplins Disco Dancer154.56870.232nd 
 Gayna SammonKilkishen Rose154.56770.233rd 
 Anne KendellBono SP153.56869.774th 
 Linda KidbyBruce1537069.555th 
 Millie WithersHank The Tank IV150.56768.416th 
 Kenny MorrisShanbally The Real Steel1476666.817th 
 Christopher DickensStage King1446565.458th= 
 Susie ChasmarNelly Bouncer1446565.458th= 
 Jane AndersonBelle Fleur1446465.4510th 
 Emma HouseDaisy1396263.1811th 
 Julie TaylorDJ132616012th 
 Yvonne RiggsMarco Blue1255556.8213th 
 Jess Mcintosh HobdenWexford HH Dimond Lad1155452.27 1st
Class 3Prelim 14      
TimeRiderHorseScoreColl% Placing
12:19Susie ChasmarNelly Bouncer1867071.54 1st
12:47Hannah CarringtonVinnie Van Gogh1836870.38 2nd
12:54Millie WithersCara's Ginger182.56870.19 3rd
12:26Gayna SammonKilkishen Rose178.56868.65 4th
13:08Pat ParrisChaplins Disco Dancer178.56768.65 5th
12:33Linda KidbyBruce174.56767.12 6th
12:40Kenny MorrisShanbally The Real Steel1736566.54 7th
13:01Jenny MintoMurray Minto1726466.15 8th 
13:15Suzanne HoldenRenkum Minstrel1696565 9th
12:12Julie TaylorDJ167.56464.42 10th
12:05Emily FitzpatrickEFS Another Contender1636362.69 11th 
Class 5Novice 27      
TimeRiderHorseScoreColl% Placing
13:36Georgina BrowneJust Cameron188.55667.32 1st
13:43Chloe FairstonFeagh Ger Boy1845265.71 2nd
13:22Millie WithersCara's Ginger1794963.93 3rd
13:29Josephine TownsGwrthafarn Guto175.54962.68 4th
Class 6Ele 49      
TimeRiderHorseScoreColl% Placing
13:50Chloe FairstonFeagh Ger Boy1875062.33 1st