Open Dressage - October 2023

wet Belmoredean 2023.jpg

Thank you to Helen Millichamp for organising the day which was extremely wet at times and there were some very hardy  souls that still attended. Thanks also to stewards Rachel Webb, Jenny Hickman, writers Rachel Sherwood, Sarah Gibbs and Lorna Tullett for helping with the scoring and refreshments.


1 Introductory C      
Maria-Marcelle BevesGarbo DD152.56666.361stNo
Hayley DumbrellCurraghlan Noel1496664.762ndNo
2 Preliminary 17(a)      
Charlene SmithNightjar206.57171.211stNo
Hannah StickleyPoppy2027169.662ndYes
Emma MillsNemo2006968.973rdYes
Emily ThorpeStevie1966767.594thYes
Susie ChasmarNelly Bouncer1946766.95thYes
Hannah CarringtonVinnie Van Gogh1926666.216thNo
Emma DendyRolo188.56965 Yes
Marcus GormanClassic Top Play Boy182.56362.93 No
Sarah SawyerSurfman   NSNo
Caroline HannamChaplins Disco Dancer   WDNo
Linda KidbyBruce   WDNo
Jilana FallowsKismet   RTDNo
3 Preliminary 19      
Natasha HeasmanFritz1667169.171stNo
Emily ThorpeStevie163.56868.132ndYes
Hannah CarringtonVinnie Van Gogh1636867.923rdNo
Marcus GormanClassic Top Play Boy1595866.254thNo
Julie TaylorDJ1586665.835thNo
Susie ChasmarNelly Bouncer157.56565.636thYes
Jilana FallowsKismet154.56564.38 No
Sue Scott-CollisMagical Memory1506362.5 No
Linda KidbyBruce   WDNo
Pat ParrisChaplins Disco Dancer   WDNo
Jenny MintoMurray Minto   NSYes
4 Novice 23 (Rev 2016)      
Julie TaylorDJ180.553.566.851stNo
Natasha HeasmanFritz178.56366.112ndNo
Gayna SammonKilkishen Rose17259.563.73rdNo
Jo Sellars-Waymarkcarmen concertio   WDNo
Jo Sellars-Waymarksaucy buck   WDNo
Andrea MacdonaldRuby Star 3   NSNo
5 Novice Test 37(a)      
Rosalind HeadWilliam Wildstar172.55363.891stYes
Jo Sellars-Waymarkcarmen concertio   WDNo
Jo Sellars-Waymarksaucy buck   WDNo
6 Elementary      
Rosalind HeadWilliam Wildstar22152651stYes
Jenny NolanFrankie215.55163.382ndYes