Ri-Dry Clothing Intermediate Winter Championship 2023

The BRC Intermediate Championships moved to Olney Grounds Equestrian Centre near Rugby this year.


Horsham had qualified a team in the senior 90cm show jumping, a senior dressage team and individuals in the 100cm, 110cm and advanced medium classes.


The day started early for Sam Llewellyn riding Cavaliers Laidback Luca in the Novice 28 to do a good test and score 67.71%

Sarah Gibbs riding Henry's Air was our other member to do the Novice 30 and also produced a good test with a score of 65.38%

In the afternoon it was the turn of Beckii Davies on Storm of Choice doing the Elementary 42 and George Browne doing the Prelim 18 on Cameron. George's horse was rather over excited and she earned a round of applause from the people watching at the bar for staying on board and in the arena! 

They all enjoyed the day but there were no rosettes for our dressage team on this occasion.


Mean while the 90cm show jumping team were busy jumping their 2 rounds. They all went clear in their first round in the outdoor arena but as usual the second round was causing a lot of problems and all had a pole of two down which meant no individual placing but the team still did well to come 8th overall.

Sam Llewellyn on Cavaliers Laidback Luca

Alan Murphy on Westlandslakes Cobweb

Alison Glover on Dancing Ranger

Olivia O'Reilly on Tommy's Cruise


Olivia and Tommy's Cruise were also in the 100m class later in the afternoon but Cruise was starting to get tired and had a few poles down in both rounds.


The following day Olivia was riding again this time in the 110cm class on her other lovely horse Kiltrons Love Storey Romeo. They jumped 2 good rounds with just one pole down overall to finish 7th.


The last member to compete for the club was Susannah Givons on her super mare Baroness competing in the Advanced Medium 90. They produced a consistent test to score 65.33% and come 2nd.


Well done to everyone that took part. They all had a great time and really enjoyed the experience