Date: 14th March 2014

Thanks to Ros and ger team of volunteers for  a very enjoyable day .

Congratulations to the following:

Class 1  - Novice

1st Klondyke Clown and Teresa Lavender (member)

2nd Copperfield Skipper and Marilyn Turner (m)

3rd George and Megan Hurley


Class 2 Advanced Novice

1st King Of Oz and Sasha Minnear

2nd Storm and Hilary Perryman

3rd Sully and Charlotte Exley (m)


Class 3 Intermediate

1st Storm and Becki Davis

2nd Pinebar Stringfellow and Becci Lloyd

3rd Lucifers Star and AJ Mortimer (m)


Class 4 Small Open

1st King of Oz and Sasha Minnear

2nd Baby Guiness and Etienne Westphal

3rd Copperfield Iris and Caroline Exley (m)