Saturday 28th March-29th March 2020

The dressage and show jumping competitions are open to both teams and individuals. Both disciplines hold classes for juniors and seniors separately.

In the dressage, two members of the team must ride a prelim test and two members must ride a novice test, individuals will compete in separate arenas. In the show jumping, both the seniors and juniors compete (on their relevant days) in two rounds - the second course may be higher. For further information on heights, course requirements and eligibility, please consult the BRC Handbook.

New from 2020! BRC have introduced a 70cm show jumping competition, open to both teams and individuals. 

Direct Entries may be added closer to the time. Direct Entry classes do not require prior qualification - just fill in the form and return it to BRC with payment and providing the class isn't already full, this will be your entry complete. Eligibility criteria can be found in the 2019 Handbook. The classes will be determined closer to the time.

2020 SEIB Insurance Brokers Novice Championships


Rules & Conditions