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  • Location: Belmoredean
  • Organiser: Lucy Lempiere, 07712 314939, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  • Trainer: Robbie Carpenter


Individual 45 minute sessions from 10.45 til 5pm, with Robbie Carpenter in Belmoredean INDOOR school. Please let the organiser know the level at which you and your horse are working.

Entries close 7 days before the session or when full. A wait list will be held if over subscribed. These sessions are proving to be very popular so don't be disappointed - book early !

If you are booking and paying ONLINE please ALSO TEXT Lucy as she does not always have access to the internet to "pick up" your bookings or to check for late availability call (before 9pm) or text  Lucy on 07712 314939.

If you are posting cheques rather than paying online, please send chq to Carol Porter, Ash Tree Cottage, Coolham Road, Coolham, Nr Horsham, W SX RH13 8GP

and text Lucy to let her know you have paid. Thanks


Spectators welcome.

Individuals times will be texted to you by Lucy, around 5 days before the clinic.

PLEASE NOTE - please check with Lucy before booking online and If a date is full and you want to go on a wait list please contact Lucy first .


Dressage clinic with Robbie Carpenter


Rules & Conditions

To reserve your place at Training sessions you must book and pay online or forward FULL FEES (cheques made payable to HDRC ) with your booking form to the Organiser, otherwise your booking will be void. Places are limited so if you cancel fees will only be refunded if (a) sufficient notices is given, (b) the place is filled, (c) the training session has covered its costs. Anyone who cancels within 24hrs is unlikely to get a refund.

Book with the Organiser NOT the trainer please.

If the Organiser is Marilyn and you need to call her for any reason (only if it is essential please ! ) do this only between 7pm and 9.30pm.

NB If training sessions are insufficiently supported they will be cancelled, or held at extra cost.

EVERYONE is asked to help set up if you are in the first group, so please arrive a bit earlier,  or clear way if you are in the last group.

BACK PROTECTORS and MEDICAL ARMBANDS are COMPULSORY for cross country Schooling. In the interest of safety it is advised that riders take someone with them to training. A telephone number of an emergency contact person for you should be available at the training session.