Carol Venner - former Chairman & President

When I wrote the obituary notice last year in memory of HDRC former Chairman and President Carol Venner, I mentioned the retirement gift presented to her by the Club in 1989, in appreciation of her many years of service and organising Open Shows. On behalf of the Club I purchased this framed woodland scene water colour titled “Morning Ride” from an art shop in Horsham as it reminded me so much of the tracks we regularly rode in St Leonards Forest. I am delighted to say I have now been generously gifted this lovely picture by Carol’s daughter Katharine (Tass) Richardson, herself a very active committee member during the 1980’s before her marriage.

Carol and husband Michael, Katharine and husband Alan, all moved to Wiltshire. So, after 32 years, this lovely picture has ‘come home’. I will treasure it as it brings back happy memories of a long & lasting friendship. Poignantly, on the back, is the card written by Helen Davies in 1989: "To Carol, to thank you for the magnitude of work you have done for the Shows and the Riding Club”. I’m sure Helen would approve.

Daphne Poupart
HDRC President 1997-2017

Flu Vaccination Update

Statement from British Riding Clubs - 


As part of the BHS, welfare of the horse is obviously paramount, however in the current climate the risk of a flu outbreak is at this time minimal.

BRC are therefore comfortable to remove the requirement of a vaccination within 6 months and 21 days of a qualifier or championship. This will be with immediate effect, however we will continue to strongly recommend a 6 month vaccination when attending BRC qualifiers and championships along with maintaining good biosecurity protocols.

In order to compete in a BRC qualifier and/or championships the annual vaccinations (12 month) and initial course must be correct as per G7 of the Handbook.

BRC reserve the right to amend these vaccination rules should another outbreak occur.

The BHS Masters’ Series 2021

The British Horse Society Masters’ Series which was originally launched earlier this year. The fourth programme has just been released.


What is the Master’s Series:


The series consists of four innovative Masterclasses from the very best in the equestrian world with the final episode in the series being a Q&A panel discussion with the featured coaches.


Each episode is presented by a Fellow of The British Horse Society and focusses on one of their top training topics. With something for everyone, regardless of the level of riding or ambition, their guidance is inspirational. Keep your eye out for our special guests with top riders featuring in every episode.


Who’s involved:


Episode 1: ‘Reaching for Pole Position’ with Yogi Breisner


This episode provides innovative pole work exercises and dressage test. This episode will help improve riders balance and accuracy with the pole work exercises Yogi created or riders can test themselves by recreating the perfect performance of the full pole work test as demonstrated by top event rider Laura Collett riding her Olympic horse, London 52.


Episode 2: ‘Lateral Learning’ with Richard Davison


The second episode starring Olympian Richard Davison shows us how lateral work can improve every aspect of a horse’s performance, from hacking out to shaving off seconds in the jump off. Richard works both with dressage and jumping horses to show that lateral work is not just for dressage!


Episode 3: ‘Three Steps to Success’ with Caroline Moore

Using arena eventing fences, including slopes and an exciting water complex, Caroline introduces us to her three-step process; training to learn, training to compete and training to win. For the final section of the programme, training to win, she was joined by Ros Canter and her World Championship Horse Allstar B for a masterclass in exactly how to get it right!

Episode 4: ‘ Learning Without Limits’ with Erik’s Mackechnie-Guire

‘Learning Without Limits’ is the fourth episode in the series. In this episode Erik shows how he works with recreational and para riders with limiting factors, caused by accident and illnesses, to show there really are no limits when you have the will to succeed!

Q&A session:

The final programme in the series is a Q&A panel discussion with the coaches which is currently scheduled for later this year.

Why this is useful to BRC members and Accredited Professionals

By using the code BRC21 BRC members are able to get £5 off the first episode and £5 off the full package. Episodes in the full package excludes the first episode.

Accredited Professionals are able to use this series towards their CPD. 1 point per video and 2 points for final discussion group. APC are able to claim the first episode for free and get £15 off the full package using other codes made directly available to APC’s.


More information regarding the Master’s Series can be found here:


Tickets can be purchased directly here:


If you have any question or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks,

Jessica Payne

BHS Events Assistant


Mechanical Horse

Hello everyone,

We have arranged a fabulous opportunity for Area 13 members. We have training over two days; Saturday 7th and Sunday 15th August. On the 7th you will have an hour shared lesson on a Mechanical Horse with Amelia Wilbourn ( - TN7 4LA) then the following Sunday a further shared lesson on you own horse to transfer and hone the skills you have improved on the mechanical horse. This will take place at Alder Lake EC ( This training has been heavily subsidised by Area 13 and is a bargain for the all in price of £48.00 per person for both sessions.

Mechanical horse lessons are an ideal way to focus on your posture, position and balance. It allows you to focus on yourself and understand your own individual asymmetries and how they may be affecting you and your horse.  The trot simulator has 3 speeds and enables the rider to develop both sitting and rising trot.  The canter/gallop simulator has 5 speeds and allows the rider to develop their seat in canter and gallop.  Both of the horses allow the rider to develop their balance and position for flatwork, jumping and fast work.
You are also able to bring your own saddle, or use one of mine.

Lessons on your own horse are then an ideal way to put your new skills into practice and understand how your position can make positive changes to your horse's way of going, and also to understand how your horse may be affecting your position.  We can develop exercises to help improve overall balance, straightness and suppleness.

There are only 12 spaces available on this training. These spaces will be allocated on a first come first serve basis and to secure your booking payment in full will need to be received.  Should you have to cancel for any reason a refund will only be given if we can fill you space.

To make you booking, payment and any questions or further information please contact Maxine Lowrie; Tel 07969 483221.

2020 Annual General Meeting

15th March at 7.30pm

For the first time we'll be having a virtual AGM as the Covid pandemic is still impacting on our actual lives. On the bright side it means you won't have to come out again on a cold night and don't have to worry about drinking and driving! Every cloud☁️
We do hope that that you'll try to attend and hopefully by then we'll have a better idea of what we can plan. Links to the meeting will be emailed to members.
Stay safe!

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