Dear HDRC members,

2019 TRAINING – working towards the eventing season

At the AGM I muted the idea of specific event training, all three elements with one instructor.

I have done a bit of research and am proposing the following, but am open to suggestions, tweaking etc.  It is OUR club so suggestions are welcome.

In the first instance I would like to see what interest there is as obviously it has to be viable financially, but we aren’t here to make a profit so you pay the cost of the training, Area 13 might be up for a bit of help so that might help the finances!

I have spoken with Ken Spencer, briefly, and he is happy in principle to take this training, but I need to know numbers etc so we can plan a schedule to fit in with him, his liveries, his lessons and eventing so the earlier we do this the better.

My proposal is to have two groups….70/80cm and 90/100cm, if you have not been taught by Ken before he is excellent at putting jumps up and down and will happily accommodate all in the lesson pushing on those who want but keeping it smaller for those that are perhaps not so brave.  The aim is to work towards the ODE which Carol Porter and her team run at Coombelands in June.

My aim is to run something every 2/3 weeks, again depending on numbers maybe some at weekend and some during the week for those lucky enough to not work Monday to Friday.

Flat and basic SJ can be done at Ken’s yard in Coolham, and we can course hire at Coombelands.  Xc this time of year is limited but Tweseldown and Munstead are open, again when summer arrives Coombelands is available.

In the first instance can you email me your expression of interest, the height group you wish to be in and any other suggestions.

My email is

Please do this by Saturday 26th January 2019, so I can take numbers and suggestions to the next committee meeting on the 28th January 2019.

Many thanks

Michelle Wilkinson

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