Sadly due to the ongoing unsettled weather the Hunter Trials at Coombelands on Sunday 17th April will have to be cancelled.

Instead we are going to run an Arena Challenge in the all weather arena at the same heights planned for the hunter trial. It is still going to be a qualifier for the National Horseware Hunter Trial Championships!

Class 1  - Novice 2'6", 75cm

Class 2 - Novice Pairs Relay 2'6" 75cm

Additional class - Clear Round at 80cm if time allows

Class 3 - Open 2'9" 90cm

We understand that not everyone will want to do this. If you DON'T want to transfer to the Arena Challenge contact Caroline Exley by text on 07837 828022, email or on the clubs facebook page. Please state WITHDRAWAL, class entered, name of rider and horse name.  If you entered by post inorder to obtain a refund, less the £2 admin fee, send an SAE to Mrs Carol Porter, Ash Tree Cottage, Coolham Road, Coolham, West Sussex, RH13 8GP. If entered via the website we will arrange a refund through paypal also less the £2 admin.

If you plan to do the Arena Challenge we will still apply any requests for early/late times or to be close to friends. A £10cash refund will be given on the day for each class entered. Times will be available on the website Friday or by calling 01306 879917 between 7pm & 9pm on Friday evening.

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