Free Members Training Days………what are your thoughts ?

Dear HDRC members,

We are looking into holding some members days throughout the year.

This would involve a good get together with your horses and getting free training.

To qualify per training day you must have completed 2 half day helps.

So the questions are…..

What type of training do you want?  Would have to be arena based.

Which coaches do you want?

Where do you think would be a good venue?

It obviously has to be good value for the club, so no really expensive coaches! Not sure Ingrid Klimke would come! ����

If anyone has any fantastic facilities we can have cheaply or free please let me know! But probably need min of two arenas one being big enough to jump in.

This is just about testing the water, as these things take much time and effort to organise, so bear with me.

If you want to be involved start getting your helps in !����

Answers on a postcard please! To



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