I feel very honoured to be elected as your President and would like to thank our Chairman and Committee.

I was introduced to Horsham RC by Annette Harries back in 1984 and have never looked back. Our club has offered tremendous Fun, Friendship, Training and Team Spirit.

My ambition was to ride well enough to represent Horsham in teams. With excellent training from Annette, Donald, Helen and many others I achieved this in approximately 80 qualifiers and Championships in every discipline on 5 different Welsh Cobs and Part-breds of which 3 were homebred.  Two I have bred are at present doing very well for the club, Copperfield Iris with Caroline and Copperfield Ellie Maye with Stella.

I have had many highlights competing for our club one of which was in the 2000 millennium year when the Novice Horse Trials Championships introduced the 2 day event at Offchurch Bury.  The team was on form and we won the competition, I won individual in my arena and came 2nd overall.  Another highlight was when Caroline and I, through Donald were invited to do a Dressage to Music demonstration at Royal Windsor Horse Show.  I also came 2nd at the Dressage to Music Championships on Copperfield Graffiti at Addington.

Away from riding club, breeding our Welsh’s I bred the Show Cob Just William who was sold to John Dunlop and ridden by Roy Trigg.  William won Horse of the Year Show 3 times and Supreme Champion for which I received a breeders prize. It was amazing when Copperfield Happy Image qualified for Burghley Young Event Horse ridden by my friend Stella Gibbs.  A number of our horses went to the Metropolitan  Police, others to lovely homes hunting and riding club activities.

I first rode, back in 1957 on a local girl’s pony costing sixpence (5p now) being led up the road. I progressed to a riding school having a ride only every 3 weeks. I helped at the stables on Sundays and holidays very occasionally being given a free ride. It was not until I went to work and saved enough money that I bought my first pony in 1964.  

In 1972 I married my husband who took on myself and 2 horses. Luckily he also rode and loved horses and was very supportive of my riding.  It was his idea we started a stud in 1977 when we purchased our farm.  This I took on with great passion studying breeding performance, showing young stock then breaking them. (If you love your horses you need a good horse minded husband to support you and this makes also a good marriage and partnership)  I thank him for his support.

Horsham is a fantastic club due to its chairman, hardworking enthusiastic committee and its many supportive members which makes this “I think the best club” in BRC.

Thank You All.

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